Welcome to Club de Fútbol, allow us to tell you a little about ourselves.

Created by a couple of young journalists who want to change the status quo in sports writing, CdF is an ambitious project to bring readers fresh, informative, and entertaining footballing content on a regular basis.

This is a rapidly changing industry, and subsequently we’re not setting ourselves any boundaries. Though this will start as a small blog, we won’t be limited by words, if it’s what our followers want.

Whether we grow into a Youtube channel, a bigger news site, a Patreon-based organisation, or something totally unthinkable at this moment in time, we promise to produce exciting content for our followers as we look to provide a new take on reporting.

We’re recruiting, too. From April 24th 2018, this site will go live. Initially, we’ll be focusing on the World Cup in Russia this summer – you might have noticed us sharing a daily gif of some of the best goals gone by over the years. We’ll have live coverage of every single World Cup game this year, and we’re keen to bring on more writers to support us in that task.

After that, we’ll see when the dust settles. Though it’s merely an idea now, with the support and hard work of some ambitious people, we believe this could grow into one of the most unique, diverse, and entertaining football networks.

For young budding journalists who are looking to build a portfolio – get involved. For graduates, limited in opportunities and looking for a project – get involved. For anyone with experience, who believes you could add more experience – get involved. Our inbox is open.

Meanwhile, drop us a follow on Twitter and Instagram @CDF_Online, for some nice goals and pretty pictures. If you’d like to be a part of a project, contact us.

If you’re just waiting for the content, watch this space…