Write For Us

Club de Fútbol represents a small team of writers who want to create content our readers actually enjoy. We probably won’t be first to much – that’s a tough task in this world of journalism – but we’ll give it to you how it is.

Facts. Opinions. To the point, up to date, concise articles, detailing the footballing world as it is. We don’t want to remain a small team of writers. We want to grow, and we need your help to do so.

We’re looking for writers who can demonstrate their ability to provide our readers with creative work worth their time. We want to bring in more writers who look beyond the veil and behind the curtain to see football for what it truly is; a sport that can unite and divide, bring tears of joy and tears of sadness, infuriate and entertain.

Your experience does not matter to us, but your character and commitment does. Our small team of founders are trained journalists with years of experience, adept in a rapidly changing media landscape.

If you come to us as a fellow journalist with exclusive stories and ideas to expand our project, fantastic. If you come to us as a teenager with almost zero experience writing about the sport you love, that’s also fantastic. We’re open to help, and open to helping others.

All candidates must pass the same test, no matter the level of experience. Fill in the contact form below with your name, email address, website or portfolio (if you have one), and a 200 word unique article on any current football related topic. Show us your flair, hold nothing back.

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